LEIAdmin Features

LEI administration
LEI administration tool simplifies the application, renewal, and transfer of LEIs, offering a seamless way to track your orders and efficiently manage your LEI numbers.
Excel order
Effortlessly submit multiple LEI applications by entering company data in an Excel file (see example) and uploading it to your LEIAdmin account. Provide only the essential data required for our system to process your order.
API integration
By utilising API integration, you can expedite the submission of LEI applications. Furthermore, the API facilitates real-time, on-demand enquiries about the status of your LEI applications for enhanced tracking.
Referral program
Encourage users to acquire an LEI through us by sharing your exclusive link or embedding an iFrame on your website, and earn up to a 30% commission for every successful transaction.
LEIAdmin management dashboard
LEIAdmin referrals dashboard
LEIAdmin API dashboard

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Feature-rich platform
API integrations, referral programs, reports and more
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Our services go beyond the limits of national boundaries
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Multiyear plans
Keep your LEIs active and avoid yearly hassles
Multiple payment options
Choose between monthly invoicing with detailed reports or online payments

Prices for LEIAdmin partners

Request a tailored pricing plan for large volumes

Period Price per year
1 year
40.00 GBP
40.00 GBP / year
3 years
114.00 GBP Save 5.0 %
38.00 GBP / year
5 years
175.00 GBP Save 12.5 %
35.00 GBP / year

LEIAdmin prices include free data updates, API integration, reports and analytics, free LEI Certificates, referral program and unlimited support.

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