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LEI application online

Applying for an LEI is a simple and straightforward process. With a reputable service such as LEI Register, an LEI application can take as little as three hours to process, after which you’ll receive your LEI and your information will be added to the global LEI database for anyone to search.

Where to Apply for an LEI?

People often assume that an application must go to the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. However, this is not the case. Applications must instead go through an LEI registration agent or through Local Operating Units (LOUs). These companies handle the LEI application process and communicate directly with the GLEIF in order to register your information correctly and add it to the global LEI database.

If you’re thinking of applying for an LEI for your company, then you can do so through LEI Register. We offer a simple and straightforward registration process to ensure that your company appears on the global database in as little as three hours.


Information Needed to Apply for an LEI

Another assumption is that a lot of information is required in order to apply for an LEI. In reality, applying for an LEI doesn’t require you to gather and submit highly specific sets of data. In fact, our LEI application process at LEI Register takes information from a number of publicly available data sources (company data auto-fill) to streamline the process.

Information needed for an LEI number application are legal entity name, company ID number, applicant data, entity address and ownership details.

The LEI Application Process

To help you get a better understanding of the LEI application process, we’ve detailed the steps below so that there’s no confusion or complications during your application.

LEI Number Application Overview

LEI applications follow a very simple process:

  1. The applicant fills in an online LEI registration form with their company’s information and a few personal details to identify the applicant
  2. The data is submitted and validated by both LEI Register and the GLEIF. This process can take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the service ordered
  3. The data is confirmed and added to the global LEI database, completing the process

Once the process has finished, you’ll receive your LEI number and your information will be added to the global database. From here, your company’s LEI number will be under the management of LEI Register. If you wish to renew your LEI number in the future, you can do so with us without having to submit a full application again.

Filling in the LEI Application Form

Our LEI application form is short and straightforward:

  • Legal entity name – The name of your legal entity. Autofill is possible with this box, meaning you can start typing to see suggestions based on what you’ve entered. This information is taken from a Companies House data source, so it’s likely that you’ll find your company name here. If you don’t see it, then it’s fine to enter your full legal entity name as well–you don’t need to use the autofill.
  • Company number / Registration ID – Your company will have some form of identification number that is given to you when you first register your business. You’ll find this on official documents related to your company, and it should also be displayed on letters and invoices that you send.
  • VAT number – Only enter this if it’s applicable to your business.
  • Applicant first and last name – The first and last name of whomever is applying.
  • Email – The applicant’s email. Will likely be used for contact.
  • Phone number – The applicant’s phone number. This is optional.
  • Entity address – You must give the entity address, city, postal code and country. If the headquarters address is not identical to the legal address, then you must also enter the headquarters address.
  • Company ownership – You’ll be asked if the company is at least 50% owned by another company. If so, you’ll also be asked if the parent company consolidates its financial statements and also if the parent company is the ultimate consolidation parent. Depending on your answers, you may need to pay an additional fee for validating parental data and it may also take slightly longer due to the additional validation process. If you do not provide parental data, you must give a reason why.
  • LEI renewal period – Lastly, you’ll have the option of picking an LEI renewal period.

The process is straightforward and only requires a few boxes to be filled in. If you have trouble with the application process or if something is unclear, then don’t hesitate to contact us at LEI Register for more assistance.

LEI Renewals and Transfers

LEI Register also offers LEI renewal services if your current LEI has expired. This service is only available for LEIs that are currently under our management. If you’re interested in transferring your LEI to our management, then this is possible through a separate process and it is free of charge (if the LEI number is active).

Legal entity information will be automatically filled when transferring or renewing an LEI, but you’ll need to enter the applicant’s details.

LEI Application Fees

Our LEI pricing structure at LEI Register is simple and straightforward.

1-Year LEI Application Fee

  • £45 per year
  • Additional fast-track validation process (LEI in under 3 hours) for £20

3-Year LEI Application Fee

  • £40 per year
  • Fast-track included

5-Year LEI Application Fee

  • £35 per year
  • Fast-track included

All of our multi-year registration packages come with fast-track data validation as standard. Companies that need to report Level 2 data (those with parent companies) are not eligible for a fast-track LEI.

Companies that submit Level 2 data will also need to pay an additional £10 per parent per year to cover the costs of additional data validation.

LEI Approval Time

In most cases, an LEI number application process takes under 24 hours to completely validate from the moment you submit your application.

Fast-track data validation will ensure that your LEI application process is completed in under 3 hours.

Companies that submit Level 2 data will need to wait up to an additional 48 hours to validate parent data. Our fast-track service is not available for companies that are also submitting Level 2 data.

Contact LEI Register for More Details

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information. If you’re having trouble with the LEI application process then we’d be more than happy to assist you.