LEI Finder For Legal Entities

A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique reference code that is used to identify legal entities across the world. Our LEI finder makes it easy for anyone to look up details such as the legal entity’s status, the country it’s based in and also transparent child and parent company information.

Why use an LEI finder?

An LEI finder is a great way to check on your legal entity data. Since the information is public, anyone can search for your company with an LEI lookup tool before doing business with you or if they want to check your child and parent information. If there is outdated or missing data, then an LEI finder will help you reveal those problems so that you can fix them.

If you can’t find your company on an LEI finder, then you’ll need to register it. This can be done through an LEI registration agent such as LEI Register.

Searching for an LEI number

To begin searching, simply enter a partial company name or the full LEI code of the company you wish to look up.

LEI Register’s search tool can automatically fill in the company name with just a partial entry. This makes it easy for you to look up specific companies if you’re not sure of their full legal trading name. Entity names can also be registered in different languages, so this makes it easy to conduct business with companies overseas.

If you know the full LEI code of the company, it can be entered in its entirety. 

Filtering LEI search results

If the search term reveals too many results or you can’t find the company you’re looking for, you can try narrowing your LEI search results with our filtering options.

By clicking the “Country” button, you can filter results by the country that the company is based in. This is useful if you know which country the company is from. You can sort search results by country, entity status, legal name, LEI and registration status by clicking at the top of the column. If you still can’t find the company you’re looking for, then it’s possible that they haven’t registered for an LEI code yet.